About us

Enhancing human development via business and community to do Good

We focus on developing human potential, with projects that our members undertake for themselves. We promote and support doing good.

MECi is a social structure not a business structure, so the connections we make we prefer to establish for a lifetime.

Our member community consists of dedicated and talented individuals who are located across our globe.

Our members form collaborative units that draw upon diverse and wide experiences from inside and outside the Group and where we can support their projects, offering a wide range of benefits to both members and who they work with. The end result: enhancing human development of our Members.

At MECi Group, we strive to enhance human development through connecting business wherever it may be. Connected people take part in the emerging global collaboration that is the networked business society – a society in which every person and every industry is empowered through connection to reach their full potential. We utilise this network to bring full potential for our members.

Thinking and working outside the box is high on our agenda, giving chance to any ideas or projects even if they are not common in specific areas.

Our members make us who we are: we strive to help them discover the potential they each have.


Our vision is to stretch the boundaries of human performance by transforming the performance of our members, our partners, and those we work with; to bring them increased quality of life be that through increased revenues, security, profits and other measures such as happiness and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves for our integrity and transparency, and our exclusive networks are key to the success of anyone we partner with.

We are MECi Group and we are here to help create our success and for those we work with.


To fully develop the full human potential of our members and those we work with and to do good.

We do this by providing focused personalised service, offering great care and attention to detail on each and every project we do.

Our members are continually being trained for continually improving themselves and the quality of their lives.

What we do

Challenge is about removing complacency, always moving towards organised performance by questioning the status quo.

Challenge is also about how we behave with each other. Whilst maintaining respect we are never afraid to give direct feedback, ask the direct questions, enjoying the path to get the appropriate results. We also talk openly about how to improve, acting decisively and effectively. Humble, sincere, questioning, challenging.

Mentoring members for their Project Support in Business Advisory and Consultancy Services for Market Entry, Joint Ventures, Direct Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Additionally we provide member support with our wide resource base and network in areas such as water, security, financial, information technology and agriculture.

Whether you looking for market entry, or seeking funds for investment in your home country, we support our members with their projects to help you become established with the right partners and with the right strategy.

Why we do what we do

  • Our members work across both borders and cultures and have many years of experience in doing so;
  • We speak many languages across our diverse group across many countries.

Follow our organisation here: MECi Group on Linkedin for dynamic involvement. This is where we reach out to other members and friends of MECi Group. Look out for posts about our projects and activities. Note however it is not membership of MECi Group.

Examples of Our Work and Projects

AAA and Sons, aka Abdul Kareem Abdullah Al-Mutawa and Sons – a venture into oil and gas. Location Kuwait Business Tower (KBT), 10th Floor, Al Mirqab, Block 3, Kuwait City, 15003, KUWAIT, Middle East.

Kuwait Oil Company – consulting in capital expenditure management, Kuwait City, KUWAIT, Middle East.

KIPCO, Steel pipe manufacturing, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Middle East.

Wind farms. See this article from Bloomberg as an example.

Several Published Works in the Middle East, including:

Last update: 13 July 2017

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