Are you Interested in International Business?

Do you dream of connecting people from all over the world, from different cultures, different backgrounds, all for a common purpose?

Do you have general life experience?

Are you well-traveled or you want to be?

Do you want to utilise, expand or develop your experience in consulting, advising, business negotiations, finance, coaching, mentoring?

Do you want to work with people who are dynamic, connected and passionate about what they do?

Then perhaps you should consider joining us?

We utilize a collaborative corporate structure in our operations. This is also known as “Sociocratic“. Read more about it here on one our members’ personal blogs.

Our organisation is flat. There are no bosses – only mentors, project leaders and project team members. We have no fixed hours, only the time to get things done. Leaders rise up when needed and change as necessary. The only rules we have are enough that you enjoy and are passionate about what you do. Organised chaos. It’s organic. It’s life.

There are always positions available for Members, Custodians, Business Function Leaders, Project Leaders, Activity Leaders and team members.

Age based membership contributions are due in February of each year. You’ll find out the details during the application process.

Your membership starts with completing a first contact form. The link is here.

Complete the application form and we will be in contact.

For those of you who like to watch videos, this TED talk by Ricardo Semler best captures how we work. Watch the video here.

Watch Ricardo Semler

Follow our organisation here: MECi Group on Linkedin for dynamic involvement. This is where we reach out to other members and friends of MECi Group. Look out for posts about our projects and activities. Note however it is not membership of MECi Group.